Thursday, November 21 2013

Pretending to be root inside PRoot

While working on PRoot to improve the extension that fake the root user, I (re)discovered an old article that I never published before. So let's focus on the fake_id0 feature and on how it allows to use package manager directly inside the root file systems.

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Tuesday, August 20 2013

PRoot now in Debian

A really short message to inform you that PRoot is now part of Debian Sid. You can now install PRoot with apt-get install proot. Enjoy !

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Friday, May 4 2012

Making VLC at home

In my previous article, I showed a way to setup and jump into a root file system in order to test a software in this environment.

Using PRoot, such task looks really easy and does not require any privileges. We will now finish this setup in order to build and test VLC media player in this new root file system.

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Monday, April 16 2012

PRoot sorcery

A good practice for software developer is to provide a test suite while developing a software. When developing for Linux, it's also a good practice to compile the software and run the test suite on many distributions like Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, ArchLinux, Centos, Slackware and for both i386 and x86_64.

Usually, softwares are compiled and tested on only one distribution because setting up the right environment is long and painful. Most of the time root privileges are also required to setup such environment.

In this article and the following one, I will show that using PRoot, such testing is quite handy and can be done by any users.

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Monday, April 9 2012

Born to be PRoot

It's been a long time since my last post on thit blog. To start again in a good shape I will seize the opportunity of a new version of PRoot to present this open source software in a cycle of articles.

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